13 Pakoštane - Šibenik

Along the largest natural lake in Croatia to the city of Šibenik and its famous fortresses

Route pictogram

Pakoštane (0 km) – Pirovac (18 km) – Vodice (33 km) – Šibenik (48 km)


48.00 km





total climb

150.00 m







The route leads along the area of Vrana Lake, the largest natural lake in Croatia, elongated in the direction of northwest – southeast and extending very close to the coast and parallel with it in the length of 13.6 km from Pakoštane to Pirovac in the south. It is a freshwater lake with reeds and sedge attracting numerous, diverse birds. The route leads from Pakoštane onto the 10-kilometre long road along the west shore of Vrana Lake with combined asphalt and macadam stretches, then through Prosika, where there is the Info Centre of the Vrana Lake Nature Park, reaching the stunning coastal village Pirovac with an interesting historical core hidden behind the remains of walls dating from the 16th century, and with the stone gate called the Door of the Village. Pirovac is situated in a 12-kilometre deep bay, at the end of which the route farther leads onto D8 road towards the islands of Murter and Tribanj. Near the place Ivinj on D121 road, there is a detour towards the island of Murter to places Tisno (6 km) and Betina (11 km). The Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding is located in Betina, and it is dedicated to its long tradition of the shipbuilding craft. The route continues from Ivinj towards Tribunj, a picturesque fishing village, known for its tradition of trawling, growing olives, donkey racing (so-called tovar) and a characteristic old core on the small island. The route continues along the road towards Vodice, a famous tourist centre, deriving its name from the word meaning ‘water sources’, which is evidenced by two remaining, well-preserved wells in the city centre. Taking a regular boat line from Vodice, you can visit the nearby island of Prvić, the birthplace of the world-renowned Renaissance thinker and inventor of the "flying man" - Faust Vrančić. The route continues along the coastal streets through Srima, followed by a macadam road through fields, past dry stone walls towards the settlement of Bogdanovići and the hotel at the vantage point overlooking 390-meter long Šibenik Bridge over the Šibenik Bay and the mouth of the River Krka. From the bridge, the route passes through the centre of Šibenik, the town which is a proud owner of two monuments inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Cathedral of St. James and St. Nicholas Fortress, and also known for its International Children's Festival, which has been held here for decades from late June to early July.




Length of the section


48 km

Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb


150 m

Macadam lining – well rideable



2 km near Srima

1 km near Bogdanovići

Macadam lining – moderately rideable



5 km around Vrana Lake

3 x 500 m between Srima and Šibenik

Traffic density – moderate


2 km onto D121, 2 km after Pirovac

Traffic density – high and very high





2 km after Vrana Lake

2 km before Pirovac

2 km after Pirovac

2 km from Šibenik Bridge to Šibenik

Caution at intersection required


Exit onto D8 after Vrana Lake – left turn prohibited, carefully cross the street while pushing your bike.

Occasional bike pushing needed


The promenade along the coast at the entrance to Šibenik, 200-m long

Supply options


Pirovac, Tribunj, Vodice, Srima

Rest options





The beach and the shade at Vrana Lake

A park in Vodice

Beaches in Pirovac, Tribunj, Vodice and Srima

Bicycle shops and repair services







A junction towards Betina and Murter




The section A6 from Pakoštane (0 km of the route) towards Šibenik through the Dalmatian hinterland, through Vrana and behind Vrana Lake; it bypasses most of the busy and macadam stretches of the section 13. There is a junction immediately after Pakoštane, and connects to the route near Šibenik Bridge (41 km of the route)



EuroVelo signings along the whole section

Differences in following the EV8 direction south -> north





Earlier exit from Šibenik onto D8 along the street Ulica Ivana Meštrovića because it is not allowed to turn to the left from Put Vida.

Turning off D8 to the left in Prosik is not allowed, it is necessary to ride on D8.


Technical description of the section


The route exits Pakoštane through the street Ulica Kraljice Jelene, taking the underpass below D8 (Adriatic Highway) and after 150 m, turns to the right onto the road along Vrana Lake (5 km of an asphalt and 5 km of a macadam road). (A6)



The route exits onto D8, continuing on it to the left. After 2.7 km, it turns to the right onto the road by the sea through Prosika and runs along it for about 2.5 km until it connects to D8 again, and after 2 km, it reaches Pirovac.


It turns to the right from D8 towards Pirovac along the street Ulica Kralja Zvonimira and at the end of the street to the right again into Šibenska Street, then immediately to the left along the street Ulica Hrvatske mladeži, and to the left again along the street Ulica Ivana Gorana Kovačića, then it continues by the sea to the end of the bay.


There are another 2 km of ride onto the busy D8 highway until reaching the roundabout, where the route turns to the right onto D121 towards Murter, and after 2 km, it turns to the left, following the signpost to Tribunj on LC65032 (6 km). At this spot, it is possible to continue straight to the island of Murter across the movable bridge in Tisno towards Betina (11-km ride in one direction).


The route enters Tribunj along Put Sovlja Street, and it exits Tribunj along Put Vodica Street, taking ŽC6086, continuing on it for 1.5 km.


At the traffic sign, the route turns to the right and enters Vodice via the street Ulica Brunac, leading down to the coast. After 700 m by the sea, the route turns from Artina Street to the right into Streets: Ulica Ljudevita Gaja and Ulica Vatroslava Lisinskog. After 2.5 km, the route reaches the end of Srima and continues to the left along Ulica Srima 15 and after 200 m, it turns slightly to the right, following the brown signing for the Church of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac.


The asphalt road turns to the right towards the church, and the route continues straight onto the macadam road between dry stone walls, and after 2.5 km, it exits onto the asphalt road to the right and follows it for another 500 m.


The route continues to the left, following the signposts for Bogdanovići. After 500 m of asphalt, it turns to the right onto a macadam road and after 1 km at the Y intersection, it turns to the right, reaching the parking lot at the hotel near Šibenik Bridge after another 500 m. (A6)


The route continues over the bridge and on D8 for 1.5 km, until it reaches a macadam junction slightly to the right, which turns into a good asphalt road only 500 m after that. The route continues through the streets: Put Vida, Ulica Ivana Meštrovića and Tvornički put, reaching the sea and after the 200-metre long pedestrian path (bike pushing needed), it exits onto the road leading along the coast for another kilometre and passing through the centre of Šibenik.