A5 Zadar - Biograd na Moru

From sea to sea through the expanse of Ravni Kotari

Route pictogram

Gaženica – Sukošan (9 km) - Donje Raštane (18 km) - Biograd na Moru (32 km) - /Pakoštane 39 km/


32.00 km




Biograd na Moru

total climb

200.00 m







The route out of the Gaženica port first runs along Gaženička Cesta and then continues along Kralja Petra Krešimira IV Street, parallel to the railway line, before entering Bibinje by passing the small medieval stone church of St. Helen, which is surrounded by a set of industrial facilities. In Bibinje, the route splits from the Adriatic Highway (D8) towards the marked Lipauska Beach and continues left along the sea coast, following the long Bibinje Bay to the picturesque historic commune Staro Selo. The commune is located on a peninsula that was once fortified by walls and is known for the church of St. John the Baptist from the 15th century and the church of St. Rocco from the 17th century, as well as for the famous Bibinje olive oil mill. Bibinje is also one of the largest nautical centres on the Adriatic; the marina located between Bibinje and Sukošan both connects and separates these two villages. You should follow the marina barrier to go back to D8 from the Staro Selo in Bibinje. If you would like to tour the picturesque Sukošan coast, you should turn off D8 towards the sea on Ždralovac Street to reach the old waterfront, where you will find the ruins of Palac, an archdiocesan mansion from the 15th century and the symbol of the village, in the sea. After going over D8 (Adriatic Highway), the route continues on roads with less traffic in the Dalmatian hinterland. The street Ulica 18. Rujna leads from Sukošan to the village of Debeljak, known for its fertile vineyards and olive orchards, as well as for the plantations of the famous Debeljak cherries. From there it continues through Donje Raštane on a road with a view of the fields and the highest Croatian mountain – Velebit. The mostly flat and slightly undulating roads, with very little shade, will lead you along arable land and a few archaeological sites. The road leads to Sveti Filip i Jakov, and after passing by the eponymous parish church, it descends back to the sea, with an abundance of pine shade along pebble beaches. The village is known for its summer houses and gardens of former Zadar nobles. From here, the route continues towards the town of Biograd na Moru, where it connects to the main DG12 route Zadar-Pakoštane through the islands of Ugljan and Pašman.




Section length


32 km (+ 11 km of section 12)

Asphalt/macadam ratio



Total elevation:


200 m

Traffic density – very dense


Passage through Sukošan – 1,3 km

Exercise caution on the intersection


Exit out of Sukošan – passage over D8

Occasional bicycle pushing


Passage through Sukošan, through Trg Gornja Vrata – 30 m

Supply options






Bibinje: restaurants, coffee shops, stores

Sukošan: restaurants, coffee shops, stores

Debeljak: store

Sikovo: store

Biograd na Moru: restaurants, coffee shops, stores

Rest options



Beaches: Bibinje, Sukošan, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Biograd na Moru

Debeljak: park, benches, tables, shade

Sikovo: park, benches, tables, shade

Accommodation options


Close to the sea and densely spread: Bibinje, Sukošan, Biograd na Moru

Apartments in the hinterland: Debeljak, Raštane, Sikovo

Bicycle service


Biograd na Moru



Section A5 has no signposts

EuroVelo 8 signposts on the main route (section 12) include points where the route splits from and connects to the section A5

Section A5 is an alternative to a portion of the main section of the EuroVelo 8 route DG12 Zadar – Pakoštane. The main route leads to the islands of Ugljan and Pašman via two short and frequent ferry connections, whereas the alternative section passes both along the coast and through the Dalmatian hinterland. A5 splits from the daily section of the main DG12 route in Gaženica at its 4th kilometre and reconnects with it in Biograd na Moru at the 51st kilometre.



Technical description of the section


The section starts at the intersection before the ferry port Gaženica. It continues straight along Gaženička Cesta, following the signage on the main state route number 4. The road passes through the industrial zone of Gaženica port and along the railway line on Kralja Petra Krešimira IV Street before entering Bibinje.


100 m after the bakery, the route leads off D8 to the right, following the brown signpost for Lipauska Beach, and continues left along the sea.


In Bibinje, the route continues along the bay, turns left after the restaurant and immediately left again to Među Vrtlin Street, which continues straight ahead to Put Mira via Gumia and then to Put Sv. Marije.


Put Sv. Marije Street leads to Težački Put and continues left to Jaz Street towards an intersection after 150 m, where it turns right from Jaz Street along the marina barrier to the macadam road, which leads to the road D8 after 600 m.


The route enters Sukošan on the very busy road D8 and follows it for 1.3 km. After that the route turns right to Ždralovac Street, bypassing the peninsula for another 700 m, and then it splits from the coast on Bože Peričića Street up to Gornja Vrata Square (100m) – it is a pedestrian zone, so you need to push your bicycle through.


The route passes through Gornja Vrata Square and exits Sukošan on Hrvatskih Branitelja Street. After 250 m, it reaches the road D8, where you should cross the pedestrian crossing. You should continue in the same direction to Ulica 18. Rujna (ŽC 6040).


After 1.5 km, before the railway, the route turns right to ŽC 6041, following the signpost to Debeljak, and elevates slightly.


The road turns right to LC 63104 and passes through Debeljak.


After 6 km, the road leads to ŽC 6045 and continues left (signpost for Gornje Raštane).


1 km after that, it turns right to LC 63117 at the intersection, following the signpost for Sikovo. The route passes along the edge of a field, from which you can see Velebit and the villages of Donje Raštane and Sikovo.


From Sikovo, the route continues on the road ŽC 6046.


The route leads to Sv. Filip i Jakov and passes through the tunnel below D8 on Mala Ulica Street, turns left along the coast, and following Put Primorja, reaches Biograd na Moru, where it connects to the main DG12 route.